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Learning to Move with Grace

You step onto the stage. The lights hide the faces of the crowd, and you feel a thrill of anticipation as you wait for the first notes of music to play. Then it begins, and you and your fellow dancers are moving, gliding across the stage in a beautiful, choreographed dance that sweeps away any anxiety, fear, or doubt. This is the joy of dance.

At Denver Dance Starz, we teach our students discipline, teamwork, and technique through fun, challenging dance classes. From the snappy tunes of our jazz classes to the more formal grace of our ballet classes, our dance studio is equipped to accommodate dancers of all types. 

Recreation Level

Start your child's dance journey with our recreation classes. Taught in a fun, professional, caring environment, our instructors encourage students to learn the fundamentals of dance at their own pace, emphasizing the freedom and joy of movement. We teach tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, pom, lyrical and creative movement to students ages 2 to 18 yrs.

Competitive Level

Imagine sharing the stage with the members of our award-winning competition team. Selected by invitation only, these dancers have been recognized with numerous awards in regional and national competitions, including Elite Top First, High Point, Best Costume, Most Entertaining, and Top Studio.

Many of our competition dancers have traveled to New York City to participate in the Kids Artistic Revue Summer Dance Workshop or hopped a plane to the International Dance Festival in Sydney, Australia. They have had the pleasure of performing in prestigious, exciting venues like Disneyland, Disney World, Westminster Mall, Flat Iron Crossing, Thorntonfest, and the Children's Museum. 

Our competition team is by invitation and audition only.  Dancers with previous competition experience that are interested in being considered for our competition team, may contact the Artistic Director for information on auditions.  

Registration Information

As with any endeavor, the journey towards being a great dancer begins with one simple step:  registration!  

Free Trial Class

Some children are born to dance, and some want absolutely nothing to do with it. If you or your child wants to give one of our classes a shot, simply let our front desk staff know you want to attend a free trial class. You are welcome to join us for a complete lesson, giving you and your child an obligation-free way to see if our studio is right for you.

Tuition Information

Below is the complete breakdown of our monthly tuition charges. Tuition is charged based on the hours per week your child would be receiving lessons. Please note that all fees are for the entire month and may not be prorated. For immediate family members or multiple classes, add up the total number of hours per week all members of your family would be taking lessons to receive a discount.

Tuition Breakdown - Auto Pay Enrolled

                  30 minutes  $40  |  45 minutes $52 | 1 hour $64 | 1.5 hours $84 | 1.75 hours $92                                 2 hours $100 2.5 hours $116  l  3 hours $136   |   3.5 hours $152  |  4 hours $168                                             4.5 hours $184  l  5 hours $200                                                   

                                                Tuition Breakdown - Month to Month                                          30 minutes  $52  |  45 minutes $64 | 1 hour $76 | 1.5 hours $96  | 1.75 hours $104                     2 hours $112  l  2.5 hours $124 | 3 hours $144 | 3.5 hours $160  | 4 hours $176                          4.5 hours $192   l  5 hours $208 

45 Minutes $40 | 1 Hour $52 | 1-1/2 Hours $75 | 1-3/4 Hours $80 | 2 Hours $88 | 2-1/2 Hours $104 | 3 Hours $120 | 3-1/2

Late Tuition 

Tuition is due at the time of registration and will be due on the first of each month. A $25 late fee is assessed on the fifth  of each month for late payments. Dancers with outstanding balances will not be able to continue classes until the balance and any accrued late fees are paid in full.

Non-Refundable Registration Fees

There is a $25 fee for classes and a $35 fee for competition teams. This fee is per family and holds your child's spot in all of the classes you register for. Your registration fee must accompany your registration form.

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Winter Performance

Watch your child put all of his or her hard work on display. Held in December, our recreation and competition dancers present a winter recital, giving all of our dancers the exciting opportunity to perform in front of family and friends and show off everything they learned in the past three months. 

Summer Recital

In June, our dancers show off everything they accomplished throughout the year. Every dancer receives a participation ribbon and dancers with perfect attendance receive a certificate and medal. To truly make the event special, we have the dancers wear fun, comfortable costumes based on their dance.